Hearthwood Advantages

Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors are beautifully crafted with innovative performance advantages that make them the flooring of choice for today’s active families.

Water-Resistant Wood Flooring

WetWorx Splatter and Spill Guard
While most hardwoods warp or cup when exposed to water, Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring is undaunted by splatters and spills. That’s because all six sides of every Hearthwood plank are finished with WetWorx™ an innovative water-resistant technology that prevents moisture absorption up to 250% more than competitive hardwood. Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors with WetWorx™ allow you to enjoy the beauty of your wood floors without worrying about everyday messes.


Tested Top To Bottom

We tested Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring with WetWorx™ against other hardwoods on the market, exposing the top surface of each to red wine, coffee, apple juice, and water. The competitive hardwood floors readily absorbed the liquids and showed staining damage, while our engineered hardwood floors protected by WetWorx™ cleaned up with no visible effect, even after the spills dried on the surface.

We also tested the back surface of each plank for moisture absorption and the results were clear: Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring with WetWorx™ prevented wicking and inhibited water from being absorbed into the wood 250% better than the competitor’s hardwood. Extended exposure to water permanently damaged the other wood plank, while the real hardwood with WetWorx™ protection dried unaffected.


with Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ Mopping System

Hearthwood water resistant wood floors with WetWorx are one of the only hardwood floors to be warranted against damage from wet mopping when maintained with the Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ mopping system. To show we stand by that fact, we are offering a FREE SWIFFER® WETJET WOOD™ Starter Kit with your purchase of any Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring style.
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Scuff And Scratch Resistant Engineered Hardwood Floors

Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors are finished with a premium Aluminum Oxide Polyurethane that protects the natural wood against scratches, scuffs,  and the everyday wear and tear that comes with pets and kids. In addition to exceptional durability, Hearthwood’s Aluminum Oxide topcoat provides UV protection against discoloration. These advantages, combined with routine maintenance, preserve the beauty of your water resistant wood flooring for generations.


Real Wood Flooring That Supports Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Hearthwood water resistant wood floors do not contain any added Formaldehyde and meet rigorous third-party indoor air quality standards to achieve Indoor Advantage Gold Certification. In addition, every plank we make is third-party verified for EPA TSCA Title VI and Carb Compliance, making our products available for sale in states with the most stringent emission restrictions. Breathe easy knowing your engineered hardwood floors contribute to a healthy indoor environment for you and your children.