For active families with a full schedule, life can get a little bit hectic. There’s soccer practice on Tuesday, book club on Thursday, and don’t forget the dinner party on Saturday that you’re hosting. And of course, Max, the golden retriever puppy, is still potty training. It feels like there’s never a dull moment! Let’s talk about how Hearthwood WetWorx™ can make your life a bit easier.

You certainly want your home prepared for all the fun activities on your calendar- and looking fantastic through it all. Love the natural beauty of real hardwood floors but need extra protection against unpredictable moments? Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors are designed for your active bunch, crafted of 100% real hardwood and now protected with WetWorx™ Spill and Splatter Technology for greater performance. 

Now you can have water resistant hardwood floors without the worry of potential damage from everyday household spills. WetWorx Spill and Splatter Technology is an innovative technology that coats all six surfaces of your Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors with a water-resistant coating.

Tested and proven, WetWorx enhanced moisture resistance significantly improves your floor’s performance when temporarily exposed to splatters and spills. So, you don’t have to fear a spilled glass or knocked over water dishes from pets. Also, Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors feature a protective scuff and scratch-resistant aluminum oxide finish eliminating stress over tap shoes or animal nails walking through the home.

Whether you love the Appalachian Spring Collection of white oak water resistant flooring with varied saw blade textures and subtle color highlighting, or want to install the high-energy looks in the Controlled Chaos Collection, all Hearthwood styles boast WetWorx protection. There’s no reason that you can’t have the wood-look you love with the performance you need.

Hearthwood is even one of the few hardwood manufacturers that warrant against damage from wet mopping when using Swiffer Wet Jet Wood cleaning systems. So, you can invest in water resistant wood floors for your kitchen with the effortless, time-saving wet mop clean-up you’ve always wanted.

And even though your kids are getting older, you’ll never stop looking out for their best interest. All Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors are GREENGUARD Gold certified- the world’s most rigorous third-party indoor air quality standards- providing a selection you can feel good about bringing home. 

From family movie and game nights to birthday parties and special events, it’s a great feeling to know that you are prepared for all the fun ahead of time. You don’t have to sacrifice style or making cherished memories when it comes to designing or redesigning your home. Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring with WetWorx gives you all the beauty and appeal of a custom floor, with the performance you need and can depend on guaranteed.