Modern innovation continues to make the products we use in our homes safer and sounder for better, happier living. Invented in the 1960s, engineered hardwood flooring is a modern innovation that combines both the beauty of real wood with the performance of man-made engineering. However, selecting between solid hardwood floors or engineered hardwood floors for your home can be tricky. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of benefits of engineered hardwood floors. Here are some of our favorite benefits that engineered hardwood provides: 

There is little difference between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring products when it comes to durability inside your home. However, when it comes to scratches, solid wood has to be refinished to remove the damage done from pet nails and high heels. Engineered hardwood flooring, like Inertia, from the Controlled Chaos Collection features a protective scuff and scratch-resistant aluminum oxide finish. This tough coating offers superior protection from scuffs and scratches, making Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors a great choice for active families with kids and pets. 

Inertia engineered hardwood flooring from Hearthwood Floors

Enhanced-Splatter and Spill -Protection
For solid wood planks, water exposure is definitely a concern, as it can cause warping and buckling. However, Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors are finished with WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard, a water-resistant coating on all six sides of every plank, so your entire floor is protected against everyday mishaps.  Hearthwood water resistant wood floors with WetWorx™ are even warranted for wet-mopping when cared for with the Swiffer® WetJet Wood cleaning system.

One of the greatest benefits of engineered hardwood floors is that installation costs are oftentimes decreased. Because of the tongue and groove installation system and longer and wider planks, installation is a breeze and waste is minimized. Plus, the flooring doesn’t need to be stained on-site, so you’ll be enjoying your new engineered hardwood flooring in no time. Please note that we do recommend that you hire experienced professionals to install your floors. 

Depending on your specific engineered hardwood flooring product and home conditions, engineered hardwood can typically be nailed, glued, or floated and installed above, on, or below grade. For example, the gorgeous Petrified variety from the Dynamic Earth Collection  has glue, staple or floating installation options. 

Dynamic Earth collection from Hearthwood Floors

Are you dreaming of stress-free hardwood floors that take your home design to the next level? Engineered hardwood flooring is a smart choice and one that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Browse the Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring product catalog to start shopping today.