When the festive Holiday season comes to a close and the New Year begins, we take down our celebratory decorations and as a result, remove the cheerful colors that come with them. These pieces often tend to be deep red, green, blue, gold, and silver flourishes and their absence leaves a noticeable difference. Now it’s time to honor the remaining cozy colder months with a stylish shade that’s trending in both interior design and fashion, Winter White! 

We can use the color winter white to craft mesmerizing room scenes that capture the spirit of the colder season effortlessly. Gorgeous Hearthwood engineered hardwood  floors are the perfect foundation for creating winter beauty with plenty of cozy texture. Here are some of our favorite ideas:  

Rumbling Bald from Appalachian Springs collection by Hearthwood Floors

As evident in this room scene, darker hardwood varieties like Rumbling Bald from Appalachian Spring Collection of water resistant wood flooring pair perfectly with white furnishings and surfaces. 

A beautifully balanced winter room will offer warmth as well as remind us of the lower temperatures that inspire our favorite meals fresh out the oven and plenty of cozy snuggles watching cherished movies.

Think about adding a white faux fur rug for instant contrast, fluffy white pillows for chairs and couches, or switching out your regular throws and bedding for white fleecy versions that will drape your favorite areas for reading and relaxing.   


When paired with breathtaking real wood floors with natural charm like Signal Point from Tennessee Trails Collection, you create a chic, soothing space for premium seasonal hibernation.  

White Rock flooring from the Tennessee Trails collection of Hearthwood Floors

If your home already features striking airy or white-wash wood such as White Rock from Tennessee Trails Collection, you can use this opportunity to layer white rugs, furnishings, throws, and pillows for a completely dynamic wonderland.  

There’s nothing like a stroll through a wintery forest to restore your soul and you can mirror this relaxing atmosphere indoors to incredible effect.

How will you use winter white within your home décor? With a little creativity and a few savvy additions, you can enjoy this special time with a stylish, seasonal glow!