It’s amazing what adding a new color to a familiar space can do to rejuvenate the energy you feel inside your home each and every day! As the summer months turn to fall, a seasonal design refresh may just be the perfect idea to bring new life to your favorite rooms. A savvy paint color can help transform a section of your home and work together with your flooring to anchor an inspired layout that’s both fresh and sophisticated. With Hearthwood Collections, you have a fashion-forward color palette along with the unique characteristics and respective grain pattern of each species to help capture any décor scheme. Here are some of our favorite fall hardwood floor and wall color combinations to follow for fabulous style: 

ARMY GREEN – Known for its soothing qualities, green has always fostered a natural connection to the great outdoors and this fashionable neutral with a touch of gray will easily elevate a room with calming energy. Perfect for a standout fall paint color, army green balances classic materials like brass, marble, dark wood, and wool to perfection. Deep, timeless engineered hardwood flooring such as Smoked from the Woodlands Collection (below) is an ideal partner with this green shade to truly bring the outside in:

Pantone color swatch in Army Green Woodlands smoked hardwood flooring swatch

RED CLAY Nestled somewhere among the fiery orange, red, and brown color palette that fall leaves provide, you will find this trending clay tone providing ample warmth and interest. Use this deep neutral to add an unmistakable cozy presence to your walls and contrast against a sandy wood floor, while the dusty pink undertones inherently complement the surface when sunlight shines through the space. We love the combination of this earthy Terracotta shade with a light tan floor such as Provisioner from the Franklin Collection (below) to complete a relaxing fall-inspired refresh: 

Pantone color swatch in Red Clay

SPICY MUSTARD – When it comes to capturing fall flavor, few shades can provide the pop that spicy mustard will add to a room.  Perfect for adding a rich color to a smaller room, this deep yellow neutral helps to brighten without coming across like a pastel. Combined with a cream color wood floor along with painted white beams and white furniture, this color palette utilizes natural light to enhance the perspective of a tight space. A dreamy water resistant wood floor like White Rock from the Tennessee Trails Collection (below) will provide the perfect foundation to an airy fall enclave:

Pantone color swatch in Spicy Mustard

BLUE INDIGO – Cool blue tones and hardwood flooring have long been the dynamic duo that makes ‘coastal-chic’ a winning design theme. We love blue indigo for its relaxing neutral vibe that can give a lakeside cabin an elevated touch through fall and beyond! Medium brown hardwood floor and wall color combinations using this pairing creates a Zen space. Try using an engineered hardwood floor such as Belmont from the Franklin Collection (below). 

Belmont flooring swatch from the Franklin collection Pantone Indigo Blue color swatch

You can truly set the mood for the fall season with these rich paint colors, or simply find furniture pieces, throws, and pillows to help provide the added color you’re looking for. No matter which shade captures your heart, warm Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring will bring reassuring comfort, reliable durability, and easy-to-maintain beauty to the gorgeous autumn months!