With more time spent at home this summer, the extra sunshine and warm temperatures provide the perfect atmosphere for cookouts, pool parties, and more reasons to get out of the house! Homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to maximize the space of their properties, and this extends to outdoor areas where we spend time during summer activities. Let’s take a look at some real wood kitchen flooring to spruce up your spaces.

One design trend that we absolutely love is the unification of the indoor kitchen area and outside entertaining space, especially using real wood flooring. With a thoughtful layout and the right materials, these two areas can work together to provide an extended culinary experience that you and your family will love as you spend extra time at home. Make sure to visit our Hearthwood Kitchen Décor Pinterest board for plenty of inspired ideas and read on for some of our favorite indoor-outdoor kitchen trends.

Outdoor kitchen scene

Prepare for Foot Traffic

Foot traffic from the kitchen to the pool, grill area, and outdoor seating can undeniably bring outdoor messes inside, but that’s why Hearthwood water resistant hardwood flooring with WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard coating are the perfect solution! You don’t need to fear splatters, spills, or drips from the pool since all six sides of each plank are finished with innovative water-resistant technology that prevents moisture absorption up to 250% better than competitive real wood flooring. When you need to clean, just wipe your Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring dry with Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ system and your kitchen is sparkling once again. 

Unify Design Elements

If your patio is currently under-utilized or you want to design a space for grilling, now is a great time to consider renovating this area with the extra time at home. If your finished outdoor design will feature a fireplace, pergola columns, or walls that utilize natural stone, consider designing your kitchen island to include stone for an elevated touch that ties these two spaces together. The combination of cool stone and warm real hardwood flooring is timeless, gorgeous, and provides a perfect balance that creates livable luxury.  We love the natural texture and earthy color palette of the Dynamic Earth Collection as an effortless complement to both stone veneer and the great outdoors.

Amplify Natural Light

If your indoor kitchen or dining area features a sliding glass door that leads to your outdoor patio or pool, use the natural light that shines through to connect the spaces in a savvy way. Light, airy hardwoods with gentle brushing and matte finishes are perfect for brightening rooms and making them feel more open and spacious. You can amplify the dynamic lighting in your kitchen with dreamy white oak water resistant hardwood flooring varieties like Porcelain from the Au Naturelle Collection and Entropy from the Controlled Chaos Collection. Your kitchen will shine year-round from the daylight, but especially during the summer season!

We can all benefit from the fresh air right now and renovating spaces with natural inspiration will provide subtle reminders to take advantage of summertime. Add a relaxing fire pit to your patio so that after cooking a delicious meal on your Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring, you can finish the night by relaxing under the stars. Start your renovation now so that you and your family can enjoy this time both indoors and out!