Thanks to a variety of popular design schemes, modern updates, and more savvy common uses of natural light, gorgeous blonde wood floors are in high demand with homeowners and designers alike- and who can disagree! Lighter neutral wood tones can instantly make the surface area of a room or floorplan appear bigger and feel more open while adding brightness and pairing well with a wider range of colors. 

Perfect for completing an airy, natural space or anchoring a breezy coastal-chic interior, these blonde colors will even pair better with darker stained cabinetry, furniture, railings, and beams than bleached real hardwood floors. With water-resistant wood flooring options from Hearthwood, you can have the blonde hardwood flooring look you love throughout the home for greater design capability and easy maintenance thanks to WetWorx™ Spill and Splatter Guard. Here are a few of our favorite blonde hardwood floors to uplift your stylish room: 

ENTROPY | CONTROLLED CHAOS COLLECTION – With high color range and dramatic color shifts, we love the way this Entropy white oak from the Controlled Chaos Collection (below) creates a versatile blonde engineered hardwood floor that will elevate a variety of decor themes. In this room, the light brushed texture and natural matte finish allow the warm brown desk to pop with appropriate contrast while the two wood tones work together effortlessly: 

    Coastal Decor from Kate Knowles home featuring Entropy flooring Flooring swatch of Entropy from Hearthwood Floors

BRENTWOOD | FRANKLIN COLLECTION – Named after a charming historical town in Tennessee, Brentwood white oak water resistant wood flooring from the Franklin Collection (below) is the perfect blonde wood floor to complete your traditional or transitional décor. The ethereal palette uses natural light to open up your space while still providing warm presence and enhancing the unique characteristics of the beautiful grain:

Brentwood from Hearthwood Floors Franklin Collection Flooring swatch of Brentwood from Hearthwood Floors Franklin Collection    

WHITE ROCK | TENNESSEE TRAILS COLLECTION – From modern to contemporary looks, a bright blonde engineered hardwood floor such as White Rock white oak from the Tennessee Trails Collection (below) provides the perfect blank design canvas to easily craft an eye-catching room. Add pops of color and pattern in the form of textured pillows and unique area rugs to easily update your décor. We love this combination of light blonde planks and dark wall paint for an eye-catching, versatile duo that creates a hip, lasting impression: 

White Rock flooring from the Tennessee Trails collection of Hearthwood Floors White Rock flooring from Hearthwood Floors      

PORCELAIN | AU NATURELLE COLLECTION – When it comes to easy maintenance, blonde water resistant wood floors such as Porcelain white oak from the Au Naturelle Collection (below) will also help hide dust, dirt, scratches, and scuffs better than bleached wood or whitewashed finishes. Dark wood floors are extremely striking, but you will spend more time dusting, vacuuming, and mopping the floors in kid’s rooms or high-traffic areas. This kitchen floor showcases bright warmth with rustic characteristics that will still look fantastic as the years roll on:  

Porcelain Hearthwood Floors from the Au Naturelle collection Floor swatch of Porcelain from Hearthwood Floors Au Naturelle collection     

For even more blonde hardwood floor appeal, make sure to explore additional Hearthwood styles such as Graceful Grey from the Au Naturelle Collection, as well as Belmont and Cheekwood from the Franklin Collection. These eye-catching varieties may be trending in popularity, but their undeniable natural beauty will help you create timeless, versatile room scenes that will serve your home with water-resistant hardwood for years!

Graceful Grey Hearthwood Floors from the Au Naturelle collection Franklin collection Belmont Cheekwood from the Franklin Collection