Spring decor mood board

As the temperature slowly begins to climb and the amount of sunlight increases each day, it can only mean that springtime is right around the corner. Whew, finally! Yards become greener, flowers bloom, and homeowners everywhere are inspired to spruce up the house with some good old-fashioned spring cleaning.  It’s also an ideal time to refresh your home’s interior with exciting new accents and accessories that play to the warm-weather season perfectly. 

Here’s our spring trend forecast that homeowners and designers are buzzing about: 

  • Nothing inspires a smile and a sense of optimism like seeing the first spring flowers bloom in your yard. To bring that cheerfulness inside your home, you can always buy fresh flowers to put in your rooms, but you may also consider adding a floral flair to your walls via botanical wallpaper. A framed floral piece, floral photo canvas, or series of floral wall art is another great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Best of all, you’ll get a beautiful botanical aesthetic without having to remember to water the plants! If you love the idea of floral wallpaper for a bathroom or bedroom, you can choose a color scheme with more subdued shades to create a sophisticated design that doesn’t feel too seasonal.


  • Without April showers, there would be no May flowers! This time of year is just another reason why water-resistant wood flooring continues to be the hottest topic in floorcovering.  Thanks to some innovative new technology, you no longer have to stress about wet weather being tracked in on your Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring. Now, every Hearthwood plank is coated from top to bottom with our proprietary WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard protection, offering 250% more moisture resistance than competitive real hardwood flooring.  Now that’s a product that really works for spring and beyond! 

Swiffer WetJet Wood cleaning kitProven to enhance moisture resistance when temporarily exposed to splatters and spills, you can even wet-mop with Swiffer WetJet Wood cleaning systems to remove any dirt tracked in from the rain, pollen, and mud that naturally comes with spring. Wetworx also features an incredible scratch and wear resistance for protection against the chaos of everyday life. Many products are textured with a subtle wire brushing to camouflage the scratches from everyday wear.  The textures is a practical design element in the airy, lighter colorways like White Rock from the Tennessee Trails Collection, and captures a relaxing, breezy feel of spring perfectly.  


  • What better way to protect your water-resistant hardwood flooring and capture spring design trends than with sisal area rugs?  Made from tropical sisal plant fibers, this rug construction provides excellent durability and engaging texture in your home. In addition to being an affordable rug option, a sisal rug is an environmentally-friendly option that will help trap seeds and dirt that come inside. Not only do these stylish rugs project an organic, natural vibe, but they are also made of natural materials, just like our Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring.


  • No matter what your favorite spring trends are, you will most certainly have the option to design with the bright, fresh color palette that we will see this season. Some of the most popular shades we will see in home décor this spring are bright blue, sage and olive green, yellow, coral, and of course, pastels. Whether you are looking for bright pops of color or delicate pastel accents, these hues will enliven your interior by bringing the beauty of budding gardens and blue skies inside your home.


All of these spring décor trends pair effortlessly with genuine Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring that is now protected against the wet weather of the season. Create your interior around on-trend, organic themes and the result will be a high-style design that showcases the freshness of springtime beauty.