New Year, new home design trends! No matter what unpredictability that 2020 presented, nothing made us feel more comforted and reassured than spending time safely with loved ones in our favorite rooms. With a renewed sense for the value of crafting inspired interiors, we are beyond excited for all of the upcoming design trends that we can use to inject new life and visual interest into our familiar homes this year! When it comes to avoiding monotony while spending time safely indoors, we love these top 2021 interior design trends:

SHABBY CHIC – Some days you feel spiffy and other days you feel completely laid-back. We totally get it and that’s why we love the balance that trending shabby chic interiors present! 2020 reaffirmed the importance of being comfortable, while also taking the time to maximize the potential of the rooms in our home.

Shabby Chic tea set by Elaine Howlin

In this timeworn design scheme outlined by Homes and Gardens, cherished heirlooms, vintage store finds, and lived-in textiles are all prized for their timeless elegance. High-character real wood flooring like Petrified from the Dynamic Earth Collection (below) is the perfect foundation for a room scene that’s classy yet cozy:  

Hearthwood Hardwood flooring in Petrified

BEACHSIDE BLUE – Coastal-inspired interiors have thrived in the past year and the high desire to travel is inspiring more designers and homeowners to bring more beachy blue hues inside. Whether it’s by the sliding door to your pool, or to remind you of your favorite ocean getaway, aqua and teal will add cool tranquility to a soothing design scheme.

Cottage Decor in blue by Annie Spratt

For an utterly relaxing room that uses blue tones and receives plenty of sunshine, there’s nothing like a light, airy real hardwood floor such as Porcelain white oak water resistant wood flooring from the Au Naturelle Collection (below) to add subtle texture and natural appeal:

Hearthwood Au Naturelle flooring in Porcelain

COTTAGECORE – Similar to ‘farmhouse chic’ or ‘rustic vogue’ design principles, cottagecore adds glamourous touches to a countryside interior. Within a color palette of muted pastels, you will often find gold and other shiny metallic accents, antique cutlery and barware, as well as vintage prints and motifs. This scheme works well for a Craftsmen style home with interesting features such as exposed beams and older architectural elements. A reclaimed wood floor such as Seismic engineered hardwood flooring from the Dynamic Earth Collection (below) will highlight grain and texture details that fit this traditional design style perfectly: 

Hearthwood hardwood flooring in Seismic

RICH COLORS – At the very least, incorporating new colors into your already stylish interiors is a great, easy way to refresh your room design and indulge in a new trend! As noted by Elle Décor, interiors in 2021 will mix in more rich colors like greens and burnt orange to combine with always popular neutral tones and produce more pop while adding warmth. When it comes to wood, this applies to strong browns like the Woodlands Collection engineered hardwood floor in Hickory (below) that anchors the room with a timeless, natural shade:

Woodlands Hearthwood hardwood flooring in Hickory

Has one of these fabulous design trends ignited your creative imagination? Think about ways that you can add some pizazz to your home this year and consider it an investment in always keeping spirits high in 2021! Start by grabbing your Coupon for a FREE Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ Starter Kit so that no matter where your design vision takes you, your easy-to-maintain Hearthwood water resistant wood floors are always ready to shine.