Wood flooring provides a beautiful canvas for our talented designers who seek inspiration from furniture, cabinetry, art, nature and pretty much anything that is beautiful and interesting. Fifteen years ago, hardwood options were limited to about five colors, two widths, and zero textures. With advancements in staining technique, the popularity of “modern farmhouse” design and reclaimed wood, the possibilities are now endless. Below is some information to help you. These suggestions will help you with how to choose wood flooring, including the color, gloss, texture and grain that fits your needs and style.


Not all colors work in every home. The color of your cabinets and home décor plays an important role in determining the hardwood color that will work best. Right now, the two extremes of dark and light are popular choices. People preferring darker wood floors seem to be those without kids since they show dirt more and require extra cleaning.Lighter, cooler shades are the most preferred. The natural colors, which include subtle whitewash and distressed looks, make a home feel spacious and more modern. Also trending is gray flooring, which has been-and still is-a favorite in all types of home décor


● Hand - scraping

Hand-scraped wood floors are still popular. This technique gives the planks depth and character. Some manufacturers use machines to produce hand-scraped looks, but not Hearthwood. We scrap every plank by hand, so no two planks are alike.

● Wire - brushing

Wire brushing offers a smoother, more subtle texture. The technique pulls out and reveals the soft grain from the growth ring,exposing the heart of the wood. The look is gently distressed with a purposeful texture that adds interest to the wood floor.

Turney Inmate hand scraping

Choosing styles with surface textures like hand-scraping or wire brushing will act as camouflage for dents and scratches.


The same principle as above stands with the grain of the wood. Different species feature a different pattern from the growth rings of the tree. Maple has minimal character and graining, while white oak and hickory can have many more natural or rustic grades. Not only do knots and grain signal that the material is authentically natural, but they also hide wear and keep your eye from going straight to imperfections on the wood flooring.


Wood floors with matte and satin finish are the most popular today. Less light bouncing off the floors makes the planks look more authentic. This gives a room a calming, more relaxing feeling and follows a new contemporary trend without being too edgy.Thankfully, matte and low-sheen wood floors are the most practical as well since they show less dirt and scratches. They are easier to maintain and look good longer than hardwoods with glossy sheens.

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Wood Flooring Made in the USA

Hearthwood is dedicated to bringing families beautifully crafted and responsibly sourced all-American engineered hardwood flooring. Hearthwood is committed to making wood flooring that's “Made in America." Manufacturing real wood flooring made in the USA at a time when hardwood flooring is predominantly imported is challenging, but our team believes it helps deliver a superior product. The result is a timeless product rooted in warmth and beauty perfect for the family home.