At Surfaces 2018 we had the opportunity to meet with many of our distribution and vendor partners. During this conference weekend we discussed our plans regarding faux joints and manufacturing of all sliced faced products.

Since the summer of 2017, we have manufactured all Hearthwood in a manner where material  is full length, but shows a manufactured joint in the face of our sliced products only. These planks have a two plank visual due to a hand added bevel. This increases average product length, dramatically speeds up installation, and is more cost effective to manufacture.

We will continue to include some cut pieces in the boxes to aid installation. The approximate ratios included in the material are as follows:

  • 50%+ full length boards, no bevel (96” long)
  • 15-20% full length boards with 2 plank visual (96” long)
  • 10-15% cut pieces for starter boards (no shorter than 15” but less than 96”)

To learn more about the benefits of manufactured joints in sliced product, contact Hearthwood Flooring today by calling 888.415.9496.