Hearthwood: Beautiful Hardwood Flooring for an Active Household

When Jill and Dan Wagner decided to build a custom home, they had the opportunity to select custom finishes throughout their 4,000 square foot project.  After a lot of research, they selected Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring from the Tall Timbers Hickory collection. Located in South Carolina, the Wagner household is an active one. Despite traffic from two teenagers and two dogs, the family’s Hearthwood floors still look pristine a year after installation. The finished look is a beautifully modern space, with a warm and inviting feel thanks to some of the best engineered wood flooring for high traffic.

Choosing Hearthwood Engineered Hardwood Flooring 

During my visit, I asked Jill some questions about the overall design intent of the home and how she selected the Homecoming color.

“I knew I wanted wider plank hardwood that has a reclaimed look,” she said. Their white brick home is the perfect blend of modern and traditional. There is an open floor plan in the kitchen and living areas, but the house includes traditional elements such as formal dining and foyer.

The planks in Tall Timbers by Hearthwood Floors are seven inches wide and eight feet long. The format works well in their space because it compliments the scale of the rooms and long hallways. The length of the boards is prominent through each room, creating a luxurious feel.

High-End Engineered Hardwood Floors

After countertop selection, flooring is typically the second major specification made in new home interiors.  Choosing the appropriate color for flooring is essential to the overall aesthetic because it creates the foundation of the design. Jill knew she wanted a medium brown tone with a matte finish, ideally in a color that would accent the white quartzite countertops in her chef’s kitchen. “The Homecoming color is the perfect classic tone without being too orangey,” Jill said of her color choice. The rich patina of the wood flooring against the cabinets and countertops creates a stunning modern farmhouse feel that is beautiful yet inviting.

When asked how the engineered hardwood floors have held up since being installed, she advised that “they have been great! When it was first installed, I would always hold my breath after seeing my golden retriever ‘peel out’ towards the tennis ball, because I was sure there had to be scratches on the floor – but there never were. The Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring has definitely held up better than the site-finished, solid hardwood in our last home.”

Durable American Hardwood Flooring

There’s a reason why Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring products stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the best engineered wood flooring for high traffic. We use an advanced urethane topcoat on all of our products. This durability is further reinforced with aluminum oxide crystals which is the second hardest element right after diamonds. This proprietary finishing process creates maximum scratch resistance against foot (and paw) traffic. The hand-sculpted texture also produces excellent camouflage against indentation and wear that is typical for real hardwood flooring over time.

Since wood is a natural product, this type of attrition is not only expected but actually bolsters the authenticity of the material, just like scratches on leather handbags. Tall Timbers is designed with a handcrafted texture to recreate the patina you’d find in an heirloom piece of furniture or flooring that has been around for a hundred years. The result is a beautiful, practical engineered hardwood floor that you can actually live on without worry.

Creating Lasting Memories

The last thing I asked Jill to discuss was how she was maintaining the engineered hardwood floor

The cleaning process she uses is simple: regular vacuuming and damp mopping with Bona Kemi wood flooring cleaner. She told me, “I knew I wanted hardwood over carpet because it doesn’t trap the dirt. These hardwoods been very easy to keep clean.”

“These floors are so gorgeous, and I get asked about them all the time. We are so happy we choose to go with Hearthwood.”

Hardwood Engineered Hardwood Flooring Made in the U.S.A

Our team of experts are here to help you create your American dream home with American made products. Contact Hearthwood today to learn more about about our engineered hardwood flooring products or to request samples.