As we continue to spend more time indoors, there’s no better time to get inspired and plan our next great flooring projects. Of course, our Hearthwood Floors Pinterest page is full of incredible room scenes and hardwood beauty to jumpstart your design vision. We also love it when we receive photos from proud homeowners who have 100% real Hearthwood Hardwood Floors installed inside their gorgeous homes. Here are some of our favorite customer-supplied installations that may provide great ideas for your new favorite floors!

Tall Timbers Homecoming

We are absolutely ‘floored’ by this modern kitchen (above) crafted with Homecoming from our Tall Timbers Collection. Combined with warm hickory tones, the balance of bright white walls and trim absolutely pop for a bold style statement.  Each plank features WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard, which makes this floor 250% more moisture-resistant than untreated hardwood floors- perfect for easy kitchen clean-up. 

Dynamic Earth Seismic

There’s no shortage of rustic beauty when it comes to this charming dining room (above) created with Seismic from Hearthwood’s Dynamic Earth Collection. Not only do the bold color shifts create visual interest across the high character oak floor, but they also provide savvy camouflage for an active area. If there is a spill or dropped food during mealtime, you can easily clean up afterward with the Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ Floor Care maintenance system. In fact, you can get a free Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ Starter Kit with your Hearthwood purchase and enjoy your wood floors without the stress!

Au Naturelle Nude

After creating a delicious meal and enjoying it with people you cherish, there’s nothing like unwinding inside an utterly relaxing living room like this airy, contemporary space (above) that features  Nude from our Au Naturelle Collection. With subtle brushed texture and sheer stain, the natural beauty of the white oak plays off of the natural light to perfection. The superior scuff and scratch-resistant coating with aluminum oxide allow your favorite pets to snuggle in this dreamy room without fear of claw marks.  

Which favorite hardwood aesthetic would craft with Hearthwood floors? Would you create a coastal vibe or country farmhouse chic? Do you love dramatic sophistication or understated elegance? No matter what design style you aim to achieve, Hearthwood Hardwoods lend a curated, enduring beauty to uplift your entire home. 

Make sure to show off your stunning Hearthwood Hardwood Floors and tag us in your social posts. We would love to add your amazing room scenes to our website and feature them to inspire future installations!