Families across the nation are staying indoors to reduce the spread of germs and right now, it’s incredibly important to keep the surfaces in your home clean to create a safe, optimal indoor environment for your loved ones. If you have 100% real Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring, your cleaning process is easier, quicker, and more effective! Here are some tips on how to deep clean wood floors.

Swiffer WetJet Wood cleaning kit

When you want to remove germs, your Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring is wet-mop approved with the Swiffer® WetJet Wood Floor Care maintenance system as opposed to other manufacturers who will void your warranty if a wet mop is used to clean the real wood floor. Each plank features WetWorx Splatter and Spill Guard, a six-sided coating system that makes Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring 250% more moisture-resistant than untreated real hardwood floors. 


Before you use the Swiffer® WetJet Wood system to wet-mop, you will first want to sweep, dust mop, or vacuum all dirt and debris from the surface. You will not damage your Hearthwood real wood flooring from sweeping because each plank is finished with three layers of scratch-resistant coating containing aluminum oxide, the same mineral used to create sandpaper. 


Next, open the windows in your room (and doors if you can) to help create better airflow which will help your floors dry faster. Here are some important guidelines to remember when deep cleaning your floors:

    • Approved wet-mopping system: Swiffer® WetJet Wood maintenance system is the only wet-mop system endorsed by HEARTHWOOD and approved on Hearthwood water resistant wood floors.
    • Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop as needed to remove loose dirt or grit from the surface of the engineered hardwood flooring.
    • Although you may use bleach to kill germs on other surfaces in your home, you should NOT clean your hardwood floors with bleach. 
    • Avoid using a steam cleaner completely as they can warp real wood floors. 
    • Do not damp mop your floor with water and/or a string mop or other non-approved wet cleaners or allow excessive water to remain on the floor. This can damage the subfloor or cause mold and mildew to develop. Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring is not warranted against mold and/or mildew. 
    • Don’t use products that contain oils or wax that may leave a residue allowing the real wood floor to be slippery or sticky. These can also prevent future coats of finish from properly bonding to the original factory finish.
    • For more details on how to care for and maintain your Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring, visit our website.

The Swiffer® WetJet Wood system features a unique dual-nozzle sprayer that will coat your Hearthwood engineered hardwood floor evenly with an ultra-fine mist. This will loosen dirt so that you can maneuver the flexible swivel head and microfiber-like pads to absorb and lift dirt, grime, and germs off of your floor. By using this care routine, you can keep your home sparkling and your family safer. 

In addition to easy cleaning, Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring also supports healthy indoor air quality through SCS Global Indoor Advantage Gold certification.  Knowing your floors are ultra-low emitting and simple to maintain provides peace of mind that Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring is your family’s healthiest choice!