With our country’s birthday around the corner, it’s a perfect time to dive into why buying American made products means more than just patriotism. Learn more about why you should shop for wood flooring made in the USA.

Ten years ago, around 15% of the wood flooring sold in the US was made overseas. Large domestic suppliers and brands primarily ruled the industry. However, the landscape has changed dramatically. Now about 25% of the industry is comprised of Asian imports, and most of the domestic suppliers have been pushed to source some of their offering from overseas to compete.

Products Made in the U.S.A.: Engineered Hardwood Flooring

While American companies were forced to import wood from abroad, our family decided to start a wood mill that would produce our product from a location in Tennessee. It was risky and frankly a little crazy. However, our commitment to keeping manufacturing in the US runs in tandem with our passion for the product and desire to pass our craft to the next generation.

Competing in today’s market with 100% USA-made wood floors is not always easy. But we are committed to our customers.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Made in USA

Reviving the Art of American Craftsmanship

Our facility is technologically advanced, but not automated to the point we lose the art. We handcraft textures and add layered stains for highlighted effects. We believe in doing hand work to refine and smooth edges of heavily cracked, character-rich floor to make our product feel authentic. Every plank is custom made, so no two installations are exactly alike. The result is your masterpiece.

Experience Makes a Difference

Our 70 years of experience account for immeasurable expertise. Wood is a natural material that is alive. It reacts differently during the manufacturing process depending on the temperature and humidity levels in the plant. Algorithms and equipment can only get you so far. Crafting engineered hardwood flooring requires a thorough understanding of these different nuances.

Quality You Can Trust

American standards for manufacturing are uniformed across the industry and make a comparison between products easier. We use the highest quality aluminum oxide finishes for scratch and wear resistance, the most robust real wood layers for durability, and precision milling for easy installation. We check these metrics regularly throughout the process to ensure that quality is repeated every single time.

Sustainability for the Future

Family businesses have a vested interest in the responsible use of our wood resources. Hardwood trees can grow between 25 and 50 years before being ready to harvest. Long-term management plans are critical to ensuring there are trees for future generations. A lot of forests in other parts of the world are under tremendous strain due to illegal logging, but we are very fortunate in the US to have 50% more trees growing today than 50 years ago.

Hearthwood works with only US-grown timber from states that have positive growth numbers. Manufacturing in the states allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping raw materials. Often, wood is harvested in America but sent to China for processing. The product is then shipped back to the US for sale. We prefer to send our logs on truck rides and not container cruises.

Building Relationships and Communities

There’s no need to explain the impact that keeping manufacturing on US soil has on our economy. It also allows us to participate in our communities through volunteer programs. We are proud partners with the Gary Sinise RISE Foundation by supplying gorgeous engineered hardwood floors to the country’s most deserving veteran heroes.

Constructed with Integrity

Any company with a legacy, as deeply rooted as Hearthwood has a lot to risk by mislabeling or not taking care of customers. We are long-term focused. Everything we put into our marketing is truthful. We treat our customers and our employees like our own family. Because our offices are in Tennessee, our product and our people are readily accessible — something that is harder and harder to come by in the increasingly impersonal international market. So, if you want wood flooring made in the USA, give us a call.

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