Petrified Dynamic Earth collection flooring

Every year as December draws near, we can’t help but get excited about the upcoming Christmas season! There’s nothing like decking the halls with Christmas décor to get us in the spirit of this special holiday and the meaningful time we will spend with our loved ones. While we always display cherished heirlooms and traditional themed items, every year brings a few new holiday trends worth adding to the mix! Here are a few that we love, including some of our favorite Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring styles this season: 

  • One trend that you will see from manufacturers is the use of extra fluffy materials with plenty of sparkles to create festive fleeces and throws. These looks include long faux sheepskin with tiny rhinestone drops or shimmering velvet fabric. A table runner with stylish felt pom poms will provide whimsy and fun to your cozy holiday table. This trend complements hardwood perfectly, whether you have darker engineered hardwood floor like Eclipse from Dynamic Earth Collection (left) or a lighter shade like Porcelain from Au Naturelle Collection (right), emulating a winter wonderland indoors.

Eclipse Hearthwood FloorsPorcelain Hearthwood Floors


  • We often think of Christmas colors in terms of deep, rich crimson and forest green, but this year ‘cool natural’ tones are making some noise. Think of a holiday color palette of tans, creams, and airy browns and greens that you would find in a forest. In addition to capturing a connection with nature during the winter months, this design trend helps craft soothing, relaxing atmospheres during what can also be a stressful time for many. Just image these cool natural shades paired with a surface like Pure Heart (below) from Tall Timbers Collection. This is another trend that will balance exceptionally well with gorgeous engineered hardwood floors!

Pure Heart Hearthwood Floors

  • If you’ve never used the term ‘bauble’ before, don’t worry because you already know what it means! Baubles are the timeless Christmas ornaments, also referred to as ‘bulbs’, that are usually shiny, sphere-shaped, and often solid colors. This year, the traditional bauble is receiving embossed glittery patterns such as stripes, diamonds, and geometric inspiration for extra glimmer on your tree. We love these mercury glass trees. Depending on the rest of the decorated tree you may add this trend in moderation but for many, too much Christmas shine is never enough!
  • Nature motifs are always welcome during the holidays and designers everywhere are embracing this theme in fresh ways. Combining the pine-cone and fir staple with exotic fresh eucalyptus branches will make a holiday wreath or garland pop with natural flair.  Deer figurines are always a popular decoration around Christmas, but winter owls, penguins, and polar bears are being used more in themed décor this year.  Choose your favorite creature or combine more than one to create your Christmas scene!

As with all holiday trends and décor, follow your heart and use what moves you the most. Christmas is all about connecting and spreading goodwill, so of course, our homes should reflect our spirit! Turn on your favorite Christmas tunes and throw on your favorite cozy sweater- it’s time to decorate.