As we decorate the home for the holidays this year, the joy we get from having the family close and following our favorite traditions feels especially comforting. No matter what surprises that 2020 has had in-store, our homes have kept us safe and reminded us to appreciate all that we have. Now it’s time to return the favor by decking the halls, trimming the tree, and celebrating the end of the year holidays to the fullest! Whatever your favorite holiday decorations are, make sure to follow your heart and create a meaningful design. Here are some of our favorite holiday décor ideas for a home with the natural beauty of gorgeous real hardwood floors: 

Influencer Kate Knowles Stunning Holiday Home

Influencer Kate Knowles Stunning Holiday Home featuring Entropy Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Gorgeous Greenery – With the undeniable connection to nature that your striking wood planks provide with graining, texture, and characteristics, it’s a no-brainer to play off of this foundation with elements of nature during the holidays! In addition to your centerpiece tree, you can add beautiful wreaths, branches, sprigs, poinsettias, holly berries, and pinecones to your table settings, mantles, and windows to enhance the natural appeal. You can use real trimming or fake pieces, but we love pine, cedar, spruce, birch, evergreen, and eucalyptus branches to add an undeniable touch of green that perfectly pairs with your hardwood floors and brings the magical spirit of the great outdoors to your interior.
  • Holiday Rugs & Mats – For an easy way to add pops of seasonal cheer, use holiday-themed area rugs in your entranceways, foyer, and hallways, plus mats at your outdoor entrances and sinks. The holiday visuals, sentiments, and color options are beyond robust and many manufacturers and retailers even offer custom area rug capability that can allow you to match the rug borders to your room décor flawlessly. These valuable additions will also protect your real hardwood floors underneath and minimize the presence of tracked-in winter slush during the holiday months. Thankfully, your Hearthwood water resistant hardwood flooring features WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard that coats all six surfaces of every plank with a water-resistant coating, protecting your floors around the clock from ice, snow, and moisture! 
  • All That Shimmers & Shines – You also can use the rustic design foundation of your wood floors to craft the ultimate winter wonderland indoors: Simply re-create a glimmering winter forest morning with décor that sparkles. Use golds, silvers, and ethereal whites as your principal color choices and gravitate towards fabrics, glitter, sequins, baubles, and glass items that will reflect light throughout the home. If possible, allow natural light to come through your windows and illuminate your home during the day and then find a way to produce the perfect shine for when the sun sets. White lights will serve this dazzling effect more naturally than colored lights, and we love the use of wax candles, electric candles, and even strategically placed night lights to enhance the glow after dark.   
  • Rich Colors Beyond Red & Green – You can never go wrong when using the traditional red and green color pairing to decorate for the holidays but as we pointed out in our Fall Color Trends for the Home blog post, a rich color palette can also warm up your decor during the colder months. Consider multi-colored lights for your tree, or maybe all monochrome lights like blue or yellow, to introduce different shades. Add fleece blankets, throws, and pillows with multi-colored plaids, tartans, and holiday-themed prints. Even your wrapping paper choices can be bold and colorful to make your holiday scene pop. Combined with the rich tone of your real hardwood flooring, these colors are engaging, lively, reassuring, and familiar all at once.  

Christmas Home Decor

Christmas and the holidays will certainly fill our homes with joy this year, a welcome feeling that returns our sense of peace and gratitude. From more holiday décor inspiration, explore our Holiday Mood Board and Hearthwood Pinterest page to gather ideas for your home. Have a hot chocolate pow-wow with your loved ones and put together your favorite decor ideas. From our Hearthwood family to your family, Happy Holidays!