Don’t look now but the warm temperatures of the summer have finally dropped and the cool breeze has begun to greet our first steps outside every morning- Fall is here! Just like we keep our eyes peeled for the leaves that begin to change color, we love to spot seasonal color trends that can inspire our fall design refresh indoors. After spending extra quality time together in our homes this year, there’s nothing like some new styling and chic additions to help liven up the upcoming months and get us in the spirit of the season!

Living Room Decor with Pantone Fall Colors 2020

For instance, we love the color trend suggested by House Beautiful to incorporate muted shades of pink into your fall refresh. Although you might originally think of pink as an Easter color or simply reserved for a girl’s bedroom, the Pantone Color Institute recently named gentle Rose Tan (Pantone 16-1511) and Peach Nougat (Pantone 14-1220) to its 2020/2021 Autumn/Winter Color Trend Report. These grown-up shades of pink pair perfectly with grey, green and deep blues for a soothing layout as tranquil as the scene outside.

No matter which favorite color trend you choose to indulge in, find ways to mix it within the accent pieces of your favorite rooms. Elle Décor gives a nod to the iconic fall pumpkin with orange velvet accent additions in the form of throw pillows and upholstered furniture. Whether it’s a decorative vase, piece of art, or fall-themed accessories, work in pops of color like Amberglow (Pantone 16-1350) to easily and instantly add fall flair.

In design, the fall season is all about texture! If you have dark, striking hardwood floors like Signal Point or a medium brown variety like Cades Cove, both from the Tennessee Trails Collection, adding white and cream faux fur throws to the space will provide the perfect natural textural balance. Add another layer of soft texture by rotating in a lighter-toned shag rug that will pop against the wood species in your room. These pieces will help you elevate fall style while still maintaining the relaxed, calm feel of the upcoming months.

You can always opt for your favorite traditional fall hues like reds, oranges, and yellows, but don’t overlook the mood tones that will help your home ease into the seasonal transition. Better Homes and Gardens lists rich, saturated colors including olive green and navy as exciting, inventive shades to bring in fall color. These tones can also provide appropriate seasonal balance to lighter, airy hardwood floors such as Porcelain and Nude from the Au Naturelle Collection.

Since the weather is getting a little chillier outdoors, it’s the perfect time to rotate in some new throw blankets that will help bring in your favorite fall color trends. To work in multiple shades, you can opt for a plaid, tartan, or lumberjack print that is full of color or a traditional blend. Just remember to go for thicker, fluffier, and fuzzier fabrics that are cozy and inviting. These blankets will help enhance the warm qualities of your wood floors no matter what tone or species they are!

Find ways to add natural foliage to your rooms, create decorative arrangements with pinecones, and add some colorful gourds to complete your fall refresh. Get Your Coupon for a FREE Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ Starter Kit and you are ready to host your family and friends for the fall festivities with high style and without worry!