As the temperature begins to drop outside and the leaves begin to change their color, that can only mean one amazing development: that the gorgeous fall season is upon us. There’s nothing like a natural, seasonal transition to inspire a cozy design refresh indoors for you and your family to enjoy. Think rich, warm tones, touches of nature, or a country chic aesthetic for ultimate comfort. And consider some of these fall wood flooring trends.

Peak Country Chic

The farmhouse feel is a big hit for fall design, especially if you already have gorgeous real hardwood floors or exposed beams inside your home. Authentic wood beauty like this Petrified variety from the Dynamic Earth Collection of our engineered hardwood flooring is the perfect foundation for this theme.

Hearthwood Floors Petrified engineered hardwood flooring

You can add pieces that incorporate leather, wool, or wood to accentuate this rustic look. Browns, tans, and light cream colored accessories will enhance the traditional scene for a look that equals part relaxed and refined but is very on-trend for fall wood flooring.

Layer Rich Colors & Texture
What’s your favorite color that you associate with the fall season? Deep reds, muted tones of gold and burnt orange, earthy green and brown- Find ways to layer your favorite seasonal hues with a statement rug, faux animal blanket or textured pillows. Mix this color palette with patterns and creative fabrics, such as plaids or shimmery velvet, and you will add visual interest while matching the fall theme. The key is to use additions that make the room feel warmer and more inviting.

Bring Antiques Forward
Now is the time to let your antiquated heirlooms shine and capture the essence of seasons long ago. This includes antique mirrors, framed pieces, tables, chests, chairs and more. Move your inherited pieces to more prominent locations for a nod to the past and maybe your family history as well. Usually, antiques will also showcase time-honored craftsmanship that is not easily replicated in today’s décor and adds detail to a room. When combined with engineered hardwood wflooring that features character and wire-brushed texture such as Spiced from the Woodlands Collection, you can craft a timeless mood full of seasonal appeal.

Woodlands spice engineered hardwood flooring from Hearthwood

Add Natural Elements
Place decorative wreaths on the entranceway doors that incorporate forest elements like pine cones, dried flowers, and berries. Try using branches from foliage outside as the centerpiece of a table setting or in a vase on counters or shelves. Bring in a bundle of firewood to live by the fireplace, even if you don’t intend to use your chimney this fall! These touches of nature will help you transform your home into an inviting autumn atmosphere.

Whatever your favorite ways are to capture interior design and fall wood flooring trends, think comfortable first and you can’t go wrong! Light your favorite pumpkin spice or pine-scented candle and set the lighting to the ‘glow’ function if you can. It’s time to fall into the beautiful, tranquil season with soothing style.