With their unconditional love and playful personalities, it’s no wonder that we are crazy about our pets! After a long day at work, there is nothing better than coming home to a sweet pup or kitten to help you unwind and relax. Homeowners everywhere cherish floors that deliver the style we love– and can also withstand the scratches, spills, and stains that life with pets can produce. We want our pets to enjoy their home, too! So let’s talk about pet proof wood flooring to keep everyone happy.

Pets Love Hearthwood Flooring!

While it’s widely known that real hardwood flooring provides extreme durability in an active home, many homeowners assume that wood floors are not a suitable fit for pets. After all, prolonged exposure to water and other liquids can cause cupping, warping, and other unfortunate effects. Thankfully, Hearthwood water resistant hardwood flooring is up to the challenges that life with pets can bring. With superior performance attributes designed to endure the unpredictable pet moments, you can enjoy your real wood floors without worry. Here are a few extra tips to pet-proof your home and help preserve your gorgeous floors in the process:  

Groom Your Furry Friends. When it comes to pet-proofing the home, the best place to start is with your pets! Make sure to keep all nails and claws trimmed and brush your cats and dogs regularly to reduce pet dander in the home. You can have peace of mind knowing that Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring is finished with a premium Aluminum Oxide Polyurethane that protects against scratches and everyday wear and tear. By keeping your animals groomed immaculately, you can reduce the amount of abrasive surface offenders right from the source.  

Regular Cleaning Routine. The activity of our pets can be pretty unpredictable, but your cleaning routine should not be! It’s easy to maintain your Hearthwood water resistant wood flooring using a Swiffer® Wet Jet™ Wood wet cleaning system on a weekly basis. As needed, use a soft bristle type broom, an approved vacuum attachment, or an untreated electrostatic type dust mop to remove loose pet dander, fallen nails, dirt, or grit that can be ground into the wood surface. Cleaning on a regular schedule will also help you discover what isn’t immediately noticeable: Sometimes our pets hide food, accidents, or other creatures they have caught in the nooks and crannies of our homes!

Be Prepared for Spills. Knocked over water bowls, tipped over drinks and plates, and the occasional surprise pet accident are just a few of the spills you should prepare for! Luckily, Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring is finished with WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard that coats all six sides of each plank with a water-resistant coating. Whereas spills can spell disaster for other hardwoods, this innovative water-resistant technology prevents moisture absorption up to 250% more than traditional hardwoods. Simply wipe up spills when they occur and get back to the fun. To prevent water dish spills, use a slip-resistant mat underneath to stabilize dishes when your pets are thirsty. Our water resistant wood flooring lets everyone win!

Customer of Hearthwood Floors shared pet image from her home

Area Rugs Always Help. We love using stylish area rugs to enhance the décor of a room, but these soft additions do more than just add pops of color, pattern, and visual interest: If your pets love to run through a specific direction in your home or lounge in specific areas, then rugs, runners, and mats in these particular locations will help reduce the wear and tear over time! Our pets have routines just like we do. Learn their favorite habits and add a little bit of cozy, chic protection for your engineered hardwood floors. 

Touch-Up When Needed. After ensuring that all animal claws and nails are trimmed, make sure to keep a Hearthwood Touch-Up Pen handy to clean up any scratches or nicks that your pets might eventually create.  These pens are specific to your Hearthwood engineered hardwood flooring style and come in kits of 3 to help you perfectly disguise damage. If you have wood furniture that matches the color of your Touch-Up kit, these pens work great for addressing pet scratches on those pieces as well. It always pays to be prepared!

In the end, you will find that all of these practices for pet-proofing your home are great tips to follow in general. Thoughtful steps will help you enjoy the quality time indoors with your favorite pets without stressing over the sometimes chaotic adventures. Be sure to tag us in your social media pictures that show your cute critters lounging in a room with Hearthwood water resistant hardwood flooring – we might just feature your beloved kitten or pup on our page!