Environmental Responsibility

Domestic Trees

Hearthwood’s home state of Tennessee has the highest hardwood regrowth rate in the country. As a nation, the U.S. now has 50% more hardwood volume growing than we did just 50 years ago! We use only renewable woods from sustainably managed US forests. This practice not only prevents lasting damage to our ecosystem but it also dramatically reduces shipping distances and minimizes our carbon footprint. Many wood floors are manufactured overseas from American raw materials and are shipped back to the U.S. market, which leaves a tremendous carbon footprint and damages the American economy.

Efficient Use of Raw Materials

Hearthwood engineered hardwood products make the most efficient use of available raw materials. Our durable flooring panels are created by carefully layering a sheet of wood, rather than milling large pieces, and allows for 100% use of the log. This process also makes for a more dimensionally stable panel. Sawdust that is created as a byproduct is sold to companies that use it to encapsulate industrial hazardous waste, woodchips are run through our emission-free biomass boiler to power our our equipment in the plant, and other leftover materials have been used to create decorative art pieces or for sale at American Echoes.

Nontoxic Stains and Adhesives

Breathe easy with a hardwood floor by Hearthwood. In addition to our commitment to supporting sustainable forests, protecting our ecosystems, and respectfully using raw materials, we promote healthy indoor air quality by using water-based or UV-based stains and topcoats that are third party certified as low-emitting materials. Our nontoxic stains and topcoats are safe for our employees and for your family as they do not emit harmful VOCs into the environment before, during, or after installation. Our plywood adhesive is a certified ultra-low emitting material that complies with the most stringent requirements in the flooring industry and the country.

Certifications and Standards

Every hardwood panel that we make is third-party verified for EPA TSCA Title VI and CARB compliance, making our products available for sale in states with the most stringent emission restrictions. With a consistent track record of acing indoor air quality tests for formaldehyde emissions, we were granted this certification. Upon renewal, we made another leap in the right direction by extending the certification to include products with HDF core materials.

As a family business, the safety of your family and our employees is of the utmost importance. We are the only manufacturer who has achieved stringent EF 2012 Flooring Standard certification that speaks to the quality and repeatability of our manufacturing process.

Under the well-respected American National Standard for Engineered Wood Flooring, we were subject to internationally accredited third-party testing and inspection programs. This ensures a thorough assessment that demonstrates we have met each and every specification in the industry. Some considered factors within the HPVA Laboratories program include:

  • Annual audits of quality control systems
  • Inspection of manufacturing facilities
  • Third-party product evaluations
  • Accredited performance testing

Through meticulous, rigid testing of our flooring products to analyze dimensions and tolerance, formaldehyde emissions, glue bond delamination and more, we are granted this certification. By hitting the mark every time we are not only validating our products and process, but we are also able to continue to grow, innovate, and expand.

The respected industry organization, SCS Global, has also awarded us the Indoor Air Quality Certification at the Indoor Advantage Gold level. We achieved this after a rigid evaluation which verified our low VOC emissions for our hardwood flooring material. This furthers the solidity of our goal to remain sustainable and continue to produce the best floors for your home or business. Our efficiency of how we manufacture our product continues beyond the formal evaluation process. Even though it’s not required, we consistently evaluate our methods and floors to ensure we are sustaining the level of standard want to deliver to our customers.

We are proud to be an environmentally conscious business doing what we can to create positive impacts in the world.

We are honored members of the following industry organizations:

SCS Global Certification for Hearthwood Floors in TN
Hearthwood Floors - Certified Indoor Air Quality Seal SCS Global Services
Hearthwood Floors - Made in Tennessee
Hearthwood Floors - Certified NWFA Verified Seal