spilled wine on hardwood flooring

Egg nog, red wine, winter slush, and pet stains – Oh my! As excited as we are to receive visitors during the holidays, there are a few extra seasonal offenders that may also stop by to pay us a visit. You’ve worked hard to decorate your home to the nines with holiday cheer, so there’s no need to let an inevitable spill put a damper on your festive mood. Your Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors are built to last and with some savvy navigation, your floors can shine throughout all of the merry-making with ease with these wood floor care tips.

In addition to planned meals and parties, you never know when guests will stop by (hopefully with gifts) for a surprise visit during the season. Therefore, it will be wise to sweep up dirt and debris from your engineered wood floors with a broom or vacuum daily. Don’t forget to pay particular attention to corners to get rid of pesky dust bunnies that love to ‘hop’ out into the open during inopportune times.

Since your Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors are finished with WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard that coats all six surfaces of every Hearthwood plank with a water-resistant coating, you have the luxury of wet-mopping with Swiffer WetJet Wood cleaning systems. Plan on mopping either once a week, or once every 2 weeks, from the week of Thanksgiving until after your New Year’s Eve celebration. A dazzling water resistant wood floor will make every light and decoration shine and twinkle with holiday magic.

Speaking of enhanced moisture resistance, WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard is a lifesaver when it comes to accidents that may occur. Let’s face it, food and drink spills will happen when you and your guests are having fun and laughing. Also, your pets might get excited when there are more new people and that can mean accidents indoors that are out of the ordinary. Your Hearthwood engineered hardwood floors will not warp or crack, just make sure to clean up all liquid spills in a timely, efficient manner. No need to stress, let the favorite traditions continue!

With more people entering and leaving your home, here’s another good wood floor care tip — put indoor-outdoor rugs at all of your entranceways. This will keep as much of the ice, snow, mud, and dirt at bay and prevent any scratches. In addition to finding rugs with holiday themes to add to your décor, you can decorate a shoe rack or shoe organizer with holiday trim where guests can leave their boots during, particularly damp winter weather.

Hearthwood touch up kid in Sahara

Look for any possible scratches, nicks, or gouges to your floors the day after a holiday party and should you spot any, there is a specific Hearthwood Touch-Up Pens to use on the exact style that you have in your home. Each kit coordinates with your Hearthwood engineered hardwood floor color to ensure a spotless surface before, during, and after the season.

Now that you are armed with some wood floor care tips to keep your home pristine, it’s time to enjoy the holidays with your favorite people- and your favorite water resistant wood floors!