Coastal Decor from Kate Knowles home featuring Entropy flooring

For many families, when the last school bell rings for the kiddos, it’s time to hit the coast! The summer season hardly feels complete without at least one trip to the beach, and with the world opening up to more safe activities outdoors, it’s time for cool water, warm sun rays, and sand between our toes. Inside your home, though, you’ll want the benefit of water resistant wood floors for your coastal hardwood flooring.

We love the relaxing vibe of a memorable beach visit and many homeowners have used this peaceful feel as inspiration in their homes as well. With undeniable natural beauty, gorgeous character, and nostalgic charm, Hearthwood water resistant hardwood floors are perfect for crafting a seaside feel and capturing the spirit of your favorite beach town. Catch serene waves of cool and calm indoors with a few of our favorite coastal hardwood floors and design trends: 

NOSTALGIC TOUCHES – As you envision coastal design for your home, start first by remembering and listing memorable elements from your favorite beach trips: the colors, materials, and textures that instantly transport you back! Maybe there’s a wooden pier that you spent many an afternoon fishing on or a boardwalk with a distinct tile mosaic. Rattan furniture and woven textiles can recall the nautical ropes tied on a boat dock.  Even adding specific plants (real or fake) to your room layout with blooms that you remember from a cherished locale will bring memories to life. These personal touches truly add a meaningful presence to an already inspired interior!

LIGHT & AIRY – A picturesque day at the beach is full of brilliant sunlight and we love coastal interior design that uses natural light to perfection. Airy, lighter-toned wood species such as White Rock white oak water resistant wood flooring from the Tennessee Trails Collection (below) are perfect for using summer rays to brighten up the home. A subtle wire brushed texture and matte finish create an entirely natural feel for a breezy floor that whisks you away to paradise. Add a plush area rug with aqua, teal, or navy tones for cool tranquility and extra softness underfoot!  

White Rock flooring from the Tennessee Trails collection of Hearthwood Floors

WEATHERED WOOD – There’s something timeless and comforting about coastal living, and those feelings are extremely and equally prized in current interior design. Just like the unique markings and distressing of a wooden pier that has stood for decades, high character engineered hardwood flooring gives us the same sense of storied history with every knot and grain.  A medium-toned water resistant wood floor full of personality like Suede white oak from the Woodlands Collection is perfect for capturing the worn, weathered feel of our favorite beachside structures: 


ELEGANT TONES – For a more formal approach to coastal interiors, we adore the stunning combination of crisp white trim, wainscoting, and ceilings paired with rich, darker engineered hardwood floors. A gorgeous water resistant wood floor such as Natchez white oak from the Franklin Collection (below) will anchor an elegant space with beautiful tones and characteristics while providing appropriate contrast. You can then consider using a soft coastal-inspired color palette to pop against the darker hardwood, along with marble and glass design focal points for a floorplan that absolutely shines!

Natchez from the Franklin collection

In addition to all the soothing style and impressive value that these engineered hardwood floors add to your home, you have the benefit of knowing that your planks are protected from any ocean spray or moisture from the pool thanks to Hearthwood’s WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard so you’ll enjoy water resistant wood flooring. An easy-to-maintain home with a coastal-inspired aesthetic is the ultimate vacation from the stress of daily life!