Burns, Tennessee – the family behind American OEM and Hearthwood Floors has a long-standing legacy of manufacturing quality engineered wood floors in America. Keeping manufacturing in the United States is a central tenet of the company’s promise to provide their customers with the most beautifully designed, highest quality products, and responsive service possible.

For over 80-years, the Finkell/Anderson family has been committed to producing hardwood flooring in the United States and continues that commitment in a time where imported material has become the industry norm. In the last ten years, Asian production of hardwood flooring has slowly increased, going from around  15% being imported in 2008 to more than 50% today. Even in such a challenging economic climate, the leadership at American OEM and Hearthwood have remained dedicated to “Made in America.”

“We are extremely proud to produce our flooring right here in the United States,” says Allie Finkell, Executive Vice President at Hearthwood, and Great Granddaughter of Andy Anderson, the inventor of engineered wood flooring in 1938. “Our legacy over the past four generations includes manufacturing everything from plywood to veneer to flooring in our domestic facilities. By doing so, we can maximize control over quality and service, so our customers know they are receiving a superior product and the shortest lead times.”

Currently, there is no specific country of origin label requirements at the point of sale, so it can be tough to determine where products are made. “Made in America” is a prestigious designation because it requires all or virtually all of the components be of US origin, and the manufacturing must be done on US soil.  At American OEM and Hearthwood, all of the wood sent to the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is grown in the U.S.A., and all parts of the process are completed under the same roof in the company’s plant outside of Nashville, TN to earn the “Made in America” label. If you don’t see “Made in America,” it probably isn’t.

The mill features the longest wood floor finishing line in the world, to produce lengths up to 8’, as well as wide widths in a variety of species and platforms.  It is incredibly flexible in the constructions it can produce, ranging from veneer core to HDF core, topped with sawn, sliced or rotary face veneers. Limitless design capabilities are achieved through a talented, hands-on workforce, and industry-leading staining techniques for every color of the spectrum. The American OEM / Hearthwood facility is exceptionally efficient and therefore can accommodate increases in the demand for domestically produced engineered wood flooring.   

About American OEM and Hearthwood:

American OEM and Hearthwood Floors are located in Burns, Tennessee and were developed as a way to deliver high-quality, domestically produced hardwood flooring to customers across the United States. The companies pride themselves on being socially responsible for maintaining a business model that authentically reflects “Made in America.” They are proud to work with programs like R.I.S.E. to improve the lives of our American soldiers who have been severely injured. Additionally, they utilize the Prison Improvement Enterprise program for rehabilitative work opportunities that dramatically reduce offender recidivism rates. The result is beautiful, responsible, and enduring hardwood flooring proudly manufactured in the USA.

For more information about Hearthwood flooring, email info@hearthwoodfloors.com

To learn more about private labelling programs, email info@americanoem.com.