Don Finkell, an architect by schooling, is a unique mix of technical and creative. He is well renowned in the wood flooring industry as an innovator, visionary, and champion for sustainability and domestic manufacturing. He and his team brought innovations to wood flooring including the first hickory engineered hardwood floor in 1986, the first full filled urethane finish in 1990, the first Aluminum Oxide wear resistant finish in 1996, the first rustic collection in 1997, and the first prefinished hand scraped floor in 2001.

After 25 years with Anderson, he oversaw the sale of the company to Shaw Industries, a division of Berkshire Hathaway, where he continued to run the wood business for Shaw, the second largest wood flooring company in the world. He retired in 2013, and started Cumberland Products Group out of a passion for bringing back wood flooring manufacturing to the United States. He also wanted innovate long and wide wood flooring, and to continue the Anderson legacy to the next generation. Don is well known as an environmental champion through his efforts to get the 2008 Combat Illegal Logging Act passed by Congress. He is past Chairman of the National Wood Flooring Association in 2010-2011, President of the Hardwood Federation 2013-2014 and is currently Chairman of the Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association.